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What To Expect

What to expect when you make that phone call and reach out for help.

What to expect once you've made the call and are ready to join the Nest family.

Treatment Plan

What to expect during your treatment program, and the duration of your time here.

Program Completion

What to expect once you've completed your treatment program and are ready to soar.

Arrival at EHN

Making the Call for Help

What to expect when:
Making the Call for Help

This is often the hardest part. Maybe you've been going back and forth for a while on whether or not you want help, or if you even need help. Find out more below about what to expect when you make the call to Eagle's Healing Nest.

Ready to make the call?

1. A Listening Ear

Whether you're calling for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member, the first thing to expect when you call is no judgement. We understand it's tough, and we've helped a wide range of individuals with different struggles. Our goal is to make sure you know that there is hope & healing here at the Nest, and we are here to help. Standard HIPPA guidelines will be adhered to.

3. A Follow Up Plan

If you're committed to getting help and would like to proceed with plans to come to the Nest, we'll make sure you know when to come and who to talk to when you get here. 

2. Brief Phone Intake

Will we ask you some hard questions when you call? Probably. But you've already taken the first step towards healing by reaching out for help. At minimum, expect us to ask you about what branch of service served in, MOS, past & current substance use/official substance use diagnosis (if any) and criminal history. Detailed intake form will be obtained onsite.

4. Safety

The safety of the veteran and the veteran's family is the number one priority. If you call and feel you are in an unsafe environment, or are having suicidal ideations/with someone who is having suicidal ideations, call 911 or the suicide hotline 988. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to assist in crisis.

What to expect when:
Arriving at the Nest

So you made the call and determined that the Nest is where you need to be. During your initial phone intake you will get confirmation on your arrival date -- it could be that same day, or another date that works for you.

What next?

1. Formal Intake

Upon your arrival at the Nest you will make your way up to the "Big House" (main office) to meet with the Director, complete your formal intake, receive your house & room assignment, discuss what is expected during your time at Eagle's Healing Nest and what to expect from your treatment program. Family members are welcome and encouraged to be part of this process.

2. Getting Settled

Once your formal intake is complete, you will have a chance to tour the Eagle's Healing Nest property. During your tour you will be shown the house and room where you will be for the duration of your stay. After your tour is complete, you are free to explore the EHN grounds, get some food at the chow hall, or spend some time getting settled into your room and getting acquainted with fellow house mates. Traveling off Nest grounds is not allowed during the first 2 weeks of your program. After the first 2 weeks, you may request leave through your House Manager and/or Director as needed.

What to expect:
During your treatment program

You're at the Nest, you've had a chance to get settled, and now you're wondering what your healing & path to recovery looks like, how long it will be and what is required of you. 

1. Healing Grace

One of the core pieces of your healing at EHN will be centered around individual and group therapy with one of our licensed addiction counselors, as well as peer-to-peer recovery support. You will work with your counselor to come up with a tailored path to recovery that works for you, including a high-level timeline for how long your program might take. You have the option to meet with your counselor several times a week, as well as attend group sessions. 

3. Respect & Responsibility

Here at the Nest we know that a sense of purpose and direction is essential for overcoming addiction and trauma. During your time at the Nest you will be expected to participate in house activities and assume a sense of responsibility. Think of the Nest as its own little community - everyone does their part to keep things running smoothly. House chores are a thing, and everyone will take a role in keeping things clean & tidy. Be respectful.

5. Visitors & Travel

Your time at the Nest is all about healing, and that includes family members. We are a family-friendly environment and encourage family members to visit as often as they like. Family members are welcome to join in any Nest activities, enjoy meals with their loved ones or just spend time together. If there is a need for family members to stay overnight, or for an extended period of time, please discuss with the Director.

Visitor Information

2. Program Participation

Another aspect of your stay at the Nest also includes volunteer hours and attending other programs and activities at the Nest such as AA meetings, NA meetings, Vets4Vets, group sessions, suicide prevention and recovery resource groups, morning meditation, etc. Some of these programs are optional, while others are required as part of your individual program and will require sign off from your counselor.

4. Try Something New

In addition to required programming, the Nest also offers a variety of both onsite and offsite activities through shared partners. We encourage you to explore these activities, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something unexpected. You never know where you'll find healing. 

Nest Programs 

Nest Calendar

6. Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & alcohol testing is done on a regular basis to ensure you are adhering to your program, as well as EHN guidelines of no alcohol or mind-altering substances on EHN grounds. If an individual fails a UA, next steps will be discussed with the Director to determine eligibility to remain at the Nest.

What to expect:
Once you've completed your program

You've been at the Nest for a while, have been attending required programs, and putting the work in to heal from the inside out. Now what?

1. Time to Soar

You've made it to end of your program and are ready to soar - this is a milestone! No matter how long you've been at the Nest, this is a huge accomplishment. Although you won't get a trophy or a plaque for completing your program, you get something even better - peace.


3. Living In Recovery

Life in recovery might be new for you, and that's ok. Just because your time at the Nest is done, doesn't mean you can't utilize the services. Service members are welcome to come back as needed to participate in Nest programs and activities. We also encourage you to maintain the friendships & relationships formed at the Nest, and to give us a call if you are struggling while in recovery so we can help you stay on the right track. 

2. Make A Plan

During your time at the Nest the hope is that you've taken every opportunity to dig down deep and do the hard work of healing from the inside out. Before leaving the Nest to get reintegrated with everyday life, you will work with your counselor to make a plan for life in recovery. Having a plan is a crucial step towards long-term sobriety and lifelong recovery.

4. Come Back to Visit

One thing that makes Eagle's Healing Nest unlike any other veterans organization or treatment center is that we truly value every individual and treat them like family. We also foster an environment that feels more like a home and community rather than a medical facility. Many individuals who come to the Nest for help end up coming back on a regular basis just to visit, including their families. And we love that. We also find that keeping in touch, and forming those relationships makes long-term recovery more successful. Service members and families are welcome back at the Nest at any time.



Jeremiah Thomas Lord

"It's not a word, it's a feeling. The opportunity it gives veterans to manage, cope with, dissect and rebuild a life that they maybe once never even had to begin with...There is no price tag you can put on LOVE. A true second chance for the very first time."
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