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Wee Warriors Program

The Wee Warriors Program provides onsite childcare and various children's programs here at EHN in Sauk Centre. Read more about our Wee Warriors program and mission below.


Let kids be kids, maintain a strong family unit, cultivate a family-focused atmosphere and allow space for healing.

We know that trauma and addiction affects more than just the individual, it impacts the entire family. While EHN provides residential treatment programs and resources for veterans and service members, we also recognize that keeping the family unit strong is an integral part of healing & recovery. While service members are in treatment, there are instances where childcare is needed. In addition, the children need a way to stay connected/spend quality time with the parent(s), in some cases repair the parent-child relationship, as well as have an outlet for their own healing when necessary.

If you need to make childcare arrangements:

Children Playing

Onsite Childcare

Twice per week onsite childcare will be provided by licensed/certified providers, allowing veterans and family members to attend appointments, therapies or other necessary treatment programs. Please contact EHN to coordinate childcare needs.

Art Class

Children's Activities & Programs

EHN provides a wide variety of children's activiities and outings on a regular basis! Some of these activities take place right here at the EHN facilities, others are offsite activities or events. The goal of these additional programs is to provide a way for kids to be kids, as well as allow parents & children to spend quality time together.


Children's Support & Healing

Some children & young adults may be suffering from their own trauma related to a parent's addiction. EHN provides age-appropriate support including support groups, guest speakers & other healing activities such as art therapy, horse therapy, rock studio, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our children's program!
Specifically, we are looking for individuals who can volunteer their time to care for children of varying ages during Nest events.


All volunteers must meed or exceed the following requirements:

  • Must pass all required background checks

  • 16 years of age or older

  • Able to provide proof of relevant childcare experience, certifications and/or licensure

  • CPR certified

  • A love of children 

  • Be comfortable caring for children of all ages and stages (at minimum 2+ years old)

  • Friendly & gentle with kids

  • Professional with adults, staff & family members

  • Ability to facilitate age appropriate activities

  • Reliable transportation to and from Sauk Centre, MN

If you would like to volunteer with our children's program:

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