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Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

From the Melrose Beacon:

Sauk Centre–The crowd was entranced as the National Anthem was sung and Melony Butler welcomed everyone to the Eagle’s Healing Nest on July 15.

“We have a strong community here, family here, for God and for this country,” Butler said, as she addressed the audience. “This is what it’s all about. Thank you.” Everyone stood still with reverence, as veteran Anthony Adams played the trumpet. Sniffles could be heard as wreaths were placed to show respect for the fallen, and eyes welled with tears as Vietnam veterans raised their hands, being recognized for their sacrifices long ago.

“We have a strong community here, family here, for God and for this country,”

From July 14-17, the community gathered to pay respect for the fallen, recall memories of family members and thank veterans while a traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall was on display at the veteran rehabilitation center in Sauk Centre.Read Full Article Here (pdf)


Photos from Event

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