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Health, Wellness & Massage Therapy Services

Providing health, wellness & massage therapy services to residents is a form of physical healing that is very much needed. Check out our Nest calendar here for details on when these services are offered.

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Life Quest

Life Quest Chiropractic & Sports offers onsite chiropractic, sports medicine & massage services at our Sauk Centre location once a week.


Dental Care

Alexandria Smiles dental clinic offers free dental care from start to finish for veterans and residents at Eagle's Healing Nest.



Yoga Mama Z

Heather Zollman from Yoga Mama Z yoga studio offers yoga onsite at EHN every Monday in the chapel. She also provides individual yoga classes & training for residents.


Restorative Healing Circles/Veteran Healing Circles

Restorative Healing Circles is a national program facilitated by certified Circle Keepers. These healing circles take place in the teepees from Spring through Fall, and in the chapel during winter months.

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