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About the Nest

"A promise to one, a need of many"

They come to heal, then they soar.


We are a non-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of our veterans, service members and their families who suffer from the effects of trauma and the invisible wounds of war including PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. We do this by providing a unique living experience that is centered around the 5 pillars of recovery & peer-to-peer programming, tailored to meet the needs of the veteran & service member community.

EHN was born out of a dire need for help that veterans weren't able to get elsewhere. The mission started local; A mother desperately wanting to help her son who was in a dark place after returning from Iraq. After reaching out to the VA for help and being turned away due to a broken system, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Knowing she couldn't change the VA, she came up with another solution - a place for service members to get the help they actually needed, without the red tape. A place to heal with honor. That mother is Melony Butler, and that place is Eagle's Healing Nest.

Eagle's Healing Nest will help foster purpose and direction, while providing a safe space to heal. Service member families, who also serve our country, deserve the best resources, support and treatment available.


Melony Butler


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Our mission is to make the Eagle's Healing Nest a national place of healing by providing a unique, non-government space for veterans, service members and their families to find home, hope and healing from the invisible wounds of war such as PTSD, anxiety, and addiction.


Our vision is simple, but powerful; Our vision is to reduce veteran suicide, restore honor, dignity, pride and purpose in the lives of our service members, bring them out of the darkness that stems from trauma, and show them how to soar free.

Flying eagles in the mountains

What Makes Us Different




Our facilities are different

Eagle's Healing Nest is not the VA, because we don't have to cut through the red tape. We partner with outside entities, when necessary, to get our veterans the help they need. In addition, some of the feedback that we get from previous residents and family members is that our facility doesn't "feel like" a treatment center. Not in the sense that residents aren't getting exceptional care, but in the sense that it doesn't feel like a medical facility. Many times, treatment centers can feel a bit uncomfortable for family members & children. At the Nest we strive to create a space that provides the healing that is necessary, in an environment that feels like home for both veterans and their family members who are visiting.


We treat the whole person

When you come to the Nest for help, the end goal is for you to thrive, not just exist. We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. This is why our program is based on the 5 pillars of recovery, with an emphasis on peer-to-peer support. Here at Eagle's Healing Nest you are in the drivers seat. You get to play an active role in what your healing looks like, and the path you take to get there.

We focus on the veteran & service member population

Although the Nest is similar to other facilities in the sense that we provide individual treatment programs for addiction, we are also very unique. One of the biggest differences here at the Nest is that our primary goal is helping veterans, service members & family members through peer-to-peer programming. The veteran community differs in significant ways from the civilian community; Many service members are dealing with wounds, traumas and addictions that are service-connected. Knowing that, we are able to provide healing resources specific to these issues. In addition, we find that being surrounded by peers with similar backgrounds & struggles aids in the healing process.

Our Values

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