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EHN | Redwood Falls

Are you a service member, veteran or family member who has recently soared from our Sauk Centre facility, or another treatment center, and are looking for a secure, sober living environment? If so, read on to determine whether our sister location in Redwood Falls, MN could be right for you.


1011 East Elm Street
Redwood Falls, MN 56283

What is EHN Redwood Falls?

Eagle's Healing Nest in Redwood Falls, MN is a sister facility to our Sauk Centre location. Our Sauk Centre facility is where individuals come to heal and address their trauma through the use of our residential programming. Our Redwood Falls facility is the next step after one has soared. Redwood Falls is a secure, sober living environment meant to enable service members, veterans and family members to thrive in recovery.

How do I know if EHN Redwood Falls is right for me?

Many individuals who utilize our Sauk Centre facility go on to soar and reintegrate back into their regular home life, which is great. Others may need an extra step in between that transition. If you feel like you might need some extra support and structure after you've completed your treatment program, our Redwood Falls facility might be a good fit.

Do I have to be a resident at the Sauk Centre facility in order to reside at EHN Redwood Falls?

While many of our Redwood Falls residents have completed their healing program at EHN Sauk Centre, that is not a requirement. Maybe you attended a treatment program elsewhere, or have never been to any treatment facility. The only pre-requisite is that you're in need of a sober living environment and are ready to take that next step.

I think EHN Redwood Falls is right for me - now what?

Once you've decided that you would like to transition into a sober living environment at our Redwood Falls location, you can contact us at either one of our locations to inquire about next steps.

EHN Sauk Centre

Main: 320.351.6200
Director: 320.351.6201

EHN Redwood Falls

Ron: 507.441.9589

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