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Melony Butler


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Melony Butler is a proud daughter of Vietnam Veteran and Mother of 3 Veterans (2 Served in the War on Terror), her youngest son Preston is a strong supporter and volunteers helping veterans. Her family has gone through four deployments during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. She has 7 beautiful grandchildren. She also has a dog named Gypsy and a Spirit pony named Possi.

Melony has been on a mission for many years advocating and helping veterans. She has been a Family Readiness Leader for 14 years, volunteers every year at the Great Falls, MT Vets 4 Vets Stand Down. She also speaks on supporting soldiers and families throughout the communities across this

Melony has experience in the private sector in sales and marketing, management, retail, and health
and fitness. 

Certificates of Appreciations and Awards

  • National American Legion Auxiliary “Public Spirit Award 2022”, August 30th, 2022

  • Melvin Jones Award from the Lions

  • Saluting Community Heroes 2018 Veterans Warrior Award

  • Published - CLICK HERE TO READ!

“We will build the Nest one branch at a time until it is complete! A place to call home and a place to Heal with Honor!”

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